Driveway Care & Maintenance

With the correct care, your driveway or patio should last a lifetime. Regardless of the surface, with just some minimal maintenance you can keep it looking fresh and free of cracks, dirt and subsidence.

As solid as the ground may be, you want your investment to stand the test of time. This definitely won’t cost you much in the way of time, effort or money, but will guarantee that the finish looks fantastic far into the future.

A good jet washing at certain intervals is recommended for every type of driveway. There’s no real guide to how often as there are many contributing factors to their resilience. You should be able to judge by eye though, if it looks to be getting a little mossy around the edges, a quick jet wash should clear that up.

All driveways will benefit from a sealant. It’s advised to apply these protective coating every three to five years. Sealants protect the surface from any spillages and prevent water damaging the porous surface. A sealant will also protect the surface from UV light which can degrade the look of the driveway over time.

It’s best to avoid putting any harsh chemicals on your driveway. Deicer is commonly used through winter times to clear ice and slippery patches. Deicer can eat away at the surface of your drive and cause gradual deterioration. If you need to clear a slippery patch from your drive, use a bit of sand, this can be simply brushed away afterwards. 

Spillages such as oil from cars are a common occurrence. Without a sealant applied oil can also damage the surface of your driveway. If left it can also affect the colour leaving behind stains or discoloured patches. Cleaning these spillages up at the earliest opportunity can save from unsightly blotches.

Accidents do happen, avoiding your driveway or patio with heavy and sharp metal objects can save chip or cracks. Where necessary, exercise and extra bit of caution when placing tools down on the drive. If you have a concrete drive, chips or cracks can be fixed with some mortar. With patio or natural stone, we’d recommend granite/marble glue. The glue is available in a variety of colours to match and will keep the surface sealed and free from corrosion.

However you chose to approach the maintenance of your driveway or patio, it’s important to remember the necessities. Keeping the moss and dirt at bay will be less of a chore if you keep to a regular routine. Sealant will not only reduce the build-up, but make jet washing easier as it gives the drive a non-porous finish. For advice, or if you’re considering a new driveway, feel free to contact us via our contact form.