Choosing the Best Material For Your Driveway

Once you’ve decided on the perfect layout for your driveway and garden, you’ll need to consider materials. Dependent on how you’ve divided up the space at the front of your home, there are a few considerations to be made when it comes to what goes down the drive.

Your driveway provides much more than somewhere to park the car. It’s one of the first features anyone sees when visiting your home. Therefore, you want the driveway to look good as well as being practical and environmentally convenient.

When choosing your material, you may want to consider:-

Maintenance – Will it need cleaning and/or resealing over time?

Drainage – is there a chance of standing water, does it need to be permeable?

Cost – Does it fit your budget?

Use – How often will you be rolling on and off, will there be any other regular traffic?

Imprinted Concrete

With imprinted concrete or decorative as it is sometimes referred, you have a choice in both pattern and colour. Concrete has long been popular as a cheaper option for driveways. With the decorative concrete however, the aesthetics are much more pleasing on the eye.

The preparation and process is identical to that of a standard concrete pour and creates a solid single base. As the concrete sets a decorative pattern is imprinted in the surface giving the illusion of flags or stones.

Resin Bound Aggregate

Resin bound driveways are a great option for resurfacing existing driveways as well as for new projects. The bound aggregate is available in a range of colours and usually sits on a concrete base. If however, you’re resurfacing an existing driveway it will need to be thoroughly checked for suitability.

Resin bound driveways prove popular due to their affordability. A proper installer will ensure the driveway meets the Environmental Agencies regulations. The mix of aggregate and resin should leave no streaks and contain a UV stable resin.

Natural Stone

Natural stone drives really deliver a wow factor. They’re extremely resistant to adverse weather and hold their finish for a long time. As you would imagine, this luxury comes at a cost and dependent on the size of the driveway will need perhaps reserved consideration for those on a limited budget.

With a choice of stones, colours and styles, natural stones can be tailored to suit the character and style of the home. This contemporary style is almost always individual to both the home and driveway.

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